The Kindest Final Gesture

Say goodbye with a Pet Wrap.

Pet Wraps are made from a calico outer and degradable inner bag.

Purchase a Pet Wrap for the Veterinary Clinic to prepare your pet
for cremation or for transporting home after being put to sleep.

A Pet Wrap can help your family with a home burial.

An environmentally sound way to bury your pet at home.

Pet Wrap

How to use.

Small Pet Wrap

480mm x 400mm
$5.00 each (normal post)
$14.00 each (express post)

Medium Pet Wrap

740mm x 450mm
$6.40 each (normal post)
$15.40 each (express post)

Large Pet Wrap

980mm x 650mm
$15.80 each (normal post)
$24.80 each (express post)

Extra Large Pet Wrap

1400mm x 750mm
$17.80 each (normal post)
$26.80 each (express post)

All prices inc. GST

( Allow 2 - 7 days for normal postage, and 1 - 3 days for express postage ).